Cacharel’s history, which joined the group in 1995, dates back to 1962. It is considered a symbol of elegance, modernism and elegant dressing art in the world. Cacharel has adopted a plain yet high quality and differentiating design that supports its stylish stance with functional details. The brand is the indispensable choice of men who know what they want, are free, traveler, love to explore, but at the same time sophisticated and give importance to hidden design and quality in details. Founded in America in 1890, U.S. Polo Assn. Is the representative of polo sport in America and Canada. The brand, also known as the sport of kings and nobles in history and born from polo sports, carries the inspiration from this sport and the lifestyle it offers to its collections. Classic U.S. Polo Assn. while its colors and coat of arms support this style, it reflects the spirit of sports. With its original, comfortable and stylish models, U.S. that appeals to women, men, children, everyone and all ages. Polo Assn. Is a favorite brand for both young people and families. Aydınlı Grup, U.S. It is the owner or licensor of these 3 international brands in 57 countries in Polo Assn., 17 in Cacharel and 13 in Pierre Cardin. Aydinli Clothing Industry and Trade Co., a global independent business magazine in 2017 according to research data, # 41 in the profitability of the companies belonging to all sectors in Turkey sales, EBIT is the # 1 ranking in its sector.

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