We offer the privilege of tasting the most special flavors of Turkey’s seven regions together. We traveled a lot, tasted a lot, talked a lot and brought together the spirit of seven regions in Yediden. We will be happy to host our guests with our menu that we have created with the most special tastes of Turkey.



Opened in a small shop in Yasemin Pasajı in Bebek in 2013, COJ is one of the firsts in the ‘qualified coffee’ sector in Turkey. As of March 2018 started to roast green coffee beans brought from farms in different parts of the world within its own structure. Coffee lovers can taste “single origin” coffees from different regions with their special “Cup of Joy” blend and espresso-based coffees, as well as brewing methods such as V60 and Aeropress, Cold drip. It is also possible to find different diet alternatives, including gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian, raw, and vegan products, at COJ, where more than 30 bakery products are exhibited.


Starbucks Coffee, with global operations, is the world’s leading retail company for quality coffee procurement and roasting since its establishment in 1971, buying the highest quality arabica coffee beans in the world. At Starbucks Turkey, since the company’s establishment in 2003, we offer our guests the unique Starbucks Experience in every cup with our service excellence approach. With the same passion and excitement in every cup, we strive to make our mission to become the third address where our guests feel most comfortable after home and office a reality. In 2015, we created the Reserve™ concept store, where the unique Starbucks experience comes to the forefront and the world’s rare coffee beans are roasted and brewed using special techniques. We offer our rare and exotic Starbucks Reserve coffees, which coffee experts discover on their travels to coffee-growing countries and select among thousands of coffee beans, to our guests at a number of Starbucks Reserve stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya.