Welcome to Yuno İstinye Park, where a spacious and secure play area designed specifically for children awaits you. Here, your children can enjoy a fun-filled environment with a variety of activities. We offer state-of-the-art VR simulation games, educational kiddy rides for young children, family entertainment machines for parents, and exciting prize machines that everyone will love. You can leave your children in our safe and comfortable soft play area with peace of mind. Our adventure course and climbing wall help children develop their physical abilities, while they can burn off energy and have fun on our trampolines. Additionally, with our creative blocks, your children can explore their imaginations and build fun structures. Children can collect tickets from our games and choose rewards from our prize corner, creating happy memories. While you shop, your children can spend their time safely and enjoyably in our Yuno İstinye Park play area, located on the cinema floor. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your family! Yuno İstinye Park is also a center that offers special birthday parties and creative workshops for children. In our colorful birthday room, children can create unforgettable moments, while in our creative workshops, they can develop their manual skills and explore their imagination. Yuno İstinye Park is the ideal place to celebrate your children’s special days and support their creativity!

Floor: -2    No: 529