Creating handmade contemporary jewelery models, Pomellato was founded in Milan in 1967 by Pino Rabolini.

Milan is Italy’s capital of design and elegance. Pomellato’s products also carry the essence of the elegance and mastery of the architecture of this magnificent city.

oday, Pomellato’s magnificent and luxurious designs have earned a unique reputation both in Italy and in the international jewelery world.

Ametist Istanbul

Ametist Istanbul is a fashion accessories brand established to fill the gap between luxury boutiques and ordinary chain stores in the most accurate way. While creating the Ametist Istanbul brand, there was only one goal: to be quality, accessible and stylish. Ametist Istanbul took its name from amethyst, a precious stone that will make you feel the idea of ​​jewelry. It was formed by the integration of lively and innovative designs with cleverly designed collections, and added the city of his birth, Istanbul, to its logo as a signature. Ametist Istanbul’s unique collections attract their fans; its glow will continue to illuminate and brighten all corners of the planet.

Lion Diamond

LION DIAMOND, a young and dynamic brand, was established in 2012 with the aim of being the pioneer of personalized designs and boutique products. In our brand, which produces flawless jewels and collections, every process from design to the last stage of production proceeds patiently under control. Lion Diamond adopts realizing the dreams of jewelry lovers with a boutique understanding with the sparkle of aesthetics and stones. The jewelry that reaches its owner from the production workshop with its strong team, is quality, creative and reflects the surprising difference of the jewelry prices at the first hand by using its power in the sector. The modern lines of our products are the choice of those who want to realize the designs of the future from today and those who want to experience the aesthetics of the past today with their classic lines. While Lion Diamond is the brand of continuousness and trust of the real jewelry enjoyer, instead of following the fashion, it turns the dream of jewelry lovers into reality.

Kısmet By Milka

We’re currently in an exciting age when being a woman involves many more possibilities as compared to the past. Nowadays life is full of various roles, creative choices and surprising prospects. Yet feeling courageous enough to be ourselves has never been – and still isn’t – the easiest path for us women to take. The only way to own our strength and forge ahead in the direction in which we believe is to nurture ourselves with various things that inspire us. Perhaps this is precisely why women are the ones who understand women the best. “At Kısmet By Milka, each collection is a new thrill to discover the full potential of creativity.”Milka Karaağaçlı. The brand speaks the same language as all women who possess this sense of discovery in their hearts. It appeals to women of all ages via exclusive collections at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Liberty, Nordstrom, Beymen and Harvey Nichols in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Lebanon, Dubai and Kuwait. As a jewelry brand that counts world-renowned figures like Madonna, Naomi Watts, Britney Spears and Anne Hathaway among its customers, KISMET BY MILKA inspires every woman to reflect her own light, create the future of her dreams and keep moving forward.