Nahhas carries traditional Turkish art of coppersmith to the present and offers usable and decorative products of copper along with ceramic, glass, bronze. Nahhas serving its customers at Istinye Park Shopping Mall and Grand Bazaar with a wide product range and an experience of more than fifty years in this profession.

Simurg Sanatevi

Simurg Art Gallery makes artistic touches to the decoration of your home with the artworks of valuable artists in its gallery. Simurg Art Gallery reaches your homes’ decoration with outstanding artists’ artworks. Simurg Art Gallery, collaborating with various Turkish and foreign artists, holds a special place as a real art platform having nearly 1.500 certified original artworks made of mostly oil paintings. Simurg Art Gallery, importing art frames from abroad, continues to gain the admiration of customers on art frames by following the up-to-date trends in decorations. Besides, in the gallery, we keep various artworks as a portfolio which will satisfy Classical Turkish Handicrafts lovers.


Turkey’s sneaker and sportswear chain IN STREET offers trendy sneaker, textile and accessory products of world famous brands to its consumers with a dynamic store concept. Inspired by the rhythm of the street and the energy of dance, IN STREET serves its customers through its 150 stores, online site and mobile shopping application.

Fermente Mutfağım

In 2015, my research to find a natural solution for food, cosmetics and cleaning products led me to fermentation. I started writing the formulas I developed on my blog and producing them in my kitchen for myself and my family. The result was amazing . After I started posting this amazing fermentation world on my blog, my articles soon reached an incredible audience. I created the first Turkish source about” fermentation”. When I saw that my fermented products excited so many people, I decided to produce in order to touch more people and o􀇖er solutions. I continue on the path I started that day as a “manufacturer” as an “industrialist” today. My Fermented Kitchen, which I moved from kitchen to workshop in 2016, is now a brand that touches the lives of thousands of people and serves them with a professional team. We still produce my formulas that o􀇖er solutions on the first day with homemade precision. Because, like food, it is necessary for us that our cosmetics and cleaning products are produced in naturalness, purity and simplicity that can be produced in the kitchen of a house. I am continuing my journey with my excitement of the first day, with a great team and with hundreds of thousands of friends who use our brand, love and follow me.