Günaydın Steakhouse

Combining the superior quality of traditional flavors with contemporary elements since 1965, Günaydın takes its guests on an immersive journey to different regions and cultures of Turkey with its delicious meats, mouth-watering appetizers, and unforgettable presentation experience.

Fermente Mutfağım

In 2015, my research to find a natural solution for food, cosmetics and cleaning products led me to fermentation. I started writing the formulas I developed on my blog and producing them in my kitchen for myself and my family. The result was amazing . After I started posting this amazing fermentation world on my blog, my articles soon reached an incredible audience. I created the first Turkish source about” fermentation”. When I saw that my fermented products excited so many people, I decided to produce in order to touch more people and o􀇖er solutions. I continue on the path I started that day as a “manufacturer” as an “industrialist” today. My Fermented Kitchen, which I moved from kitchen to workshop in 2016, is now a brand that touches the lives of thousands of people and serves them with a professional team. We still produce my formulas that o􀇖er solutions on the first day with homemade precision. Because, like food, it is necessary for us that our cosmetics and cleaning products are produced in naturalness, purity and simplicity that can be produced in the kitchen of a house. I am continuing my journey with my excitement of the first day, with a great team and with hundreds of thousands of friends who use our brand, love and follow me.


Vegan Bakkal offers to their guests a healthy and sustainable life with its vegan, organic and gluten-free products. The products sold at Vegan Bakkal, where you can find different brands in many different categories, from textile to food, from personal care products to cleaning products, are produce with non-exploitation and cruelty-free processes. After each product is carefully examined and experienced, they are having their place on the shelves of Vegan Bakkal.


Ev aksesuarları alanında, geleneksel ve modern tasarımları bir arada sunan ZEYYEN, çoğunlukla bakır ve seramik malzemelerden oluşan, tamamen el yapımı tasarım ürünleri ile fark yaratmaktadır. Bunun yanı sıra yine el yapımı, tasarım takı ve aksesuarları ile idiasını ortaya koyan ZEYYEN, takı tutkunlarının da büyük ilgisini çekmektedir.